A Day in the Life of a Graduate

Why choose Fitzgerald Power?

Because we’re focused on building the highest quality team
possible. At Fitzgerald Power, we offer an exceptional work
environment and deliver best-in-class professional advice
and services to leaders in many different sectors. We’re constantly evolving, bolder than your average accountancy firm. This is accountancy with a difference.

We recognise that, as a growing business, we have many team members with significant experience and skills that would be of benefit to others. We allow for our team’s individual strengths to shine, as well as commit to mentoring relationships that encourage the next generation to shine. We offer – personalised training and development plans with generous financial support for those completing formal education. And our hybrid working model –along with wellness support, catch-up Thursdays and company days – allows our staff to obtain a genuine work-life balance. The kind everyone should have. 

What is the team like?

Thriving, and growing fast. We’re a firm that takes office culture seriously. And because of this, our team excels. For those interested in an encouraging, dynamic and tenacious environment, Fitzgerald Power is the job for you. Aside from regular team events, you can join us on team endeavours of all kinds, ranging from tree planting, local community charity events, drinks out-or-in, and gala dinners – and we’re always open to more suggestions. At Fitzgerald Power, everyone’s invited. See what we’ve been up to lately on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Get in touch at careers@fitzgeraldpower.ie

Fitzgerald Power’s Graduate Programme

Our graduate programme stands out from the rest – because we do things a little differently.

In your first week, we will go over the basics; setting up your LinkedIn profile; teaching the basics of writing professional emails; and showing you how to use Microsoft Office in an accountancy practice. We will then show you how to use our accounting software packages using real-world data and introduce you to your buddy (an allocated Fitzgerald Power team member) who will help to settle you into your new role. We will also give you guidance on how to get your accounting qualification, helping you to decide which route to take, which school to use and how to apply, as well as the funding and required time off.

After induction, you will join your team either in our Pharmacy, SME or Corporate Finance departments. Here you will work closely with your buddy; shadowing them to learn the ropes before working independently on assigned objectives whilst gaining industry and client knowledge. 

Finally, we will complete a schedule for exams with you to keep your learning and progression on track. After this, we will continue to monitor your progress, ensuring that you receive the best possible learning and support during the graduate programme. Once you are up and running on your training route to become a qualified accountant, we will then offer you an incentivised salary, which will reflect your progression, as well as plans to continue your career journey with Fitzgerald Power right up to partner level.

Your success is our future – We’re in this together

Meet our current interns

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Interview Tips

Learn what we’re about. Explore our website to understand our service offering and the people behind each department. Most importantly, be sure to check out our brand mission, purpose and values. These are key to hiring in Fitzgerald Power. 

If you have been invited to the interview stage, don’t worry. You have already impressed. So take a few deep breaths and try to relax. The main purpose of the interview is for us to learn more about you, so be prepared to talk about yourself and your relevant skills and experience. We want to understand your personality and mindset as well as your skillset, so bear that in mind when answering questions and be authentic.

The most important skill in any situation is listening. Be sure to take time to listen to the questions being asked. While we know you are keen to impress, it’s important to listen to what is being asked and take some time to analyse the question to give the best responses.

Talk about what you’re good at, the things you’ve done and what they demonstrate to us about your strengths and abilities. When something went well, tell us why, and what did you contribute to make the outcome a success. When it didn’t go so well, tell us how you handled it, and what you’d do differently. Give compelling, concrete examples, with facts and figures to back it up. It all helps us to really understand what you’re capable of.



Starting salary for a graduate is competitive, with increments given based on achieving mid and maximum levels of participation in the programme.  In addition, all course, exam and subscription fees will be paid for the first attempt of all exams.

This is dependent on the individual and which qualification they choose. Generally, it’s a 3.5-year programme of work and study/exam time.

We welcome students who have completed an accounting degree or who have completed an accounting stream of a general business degree.

Preference will be given to those with at least 6 exemptions.

Yes, we would expect our graduates to achieve a minimum of 60 in their accounting modules.

Our standard working week is 37.5 hours. We offer flexible start and finish times in line with each department requirements as well as time in lieu for additional hours worked and summer working hours.

No, this is the individual’s choice.

Join the waitlist

Our graduate programme is currently full but we are always on the lookout for new talent. Get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 16 MB.
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