Since we started out in the early eighties, we’ve stayed true to that purpose. We were fairly unconventional back then, and saw an opportunity to do things differently. To do things, ultimately, better. We’ve spent thirty years being unconventional and have grown into a dynamic, progressive company, that’s always finding new ways to enrich your business. To help get you ready for a bright and bold future. For Fitzgerald Power, adding value has always been the name of the game. Since day one it’s been a part of our DNA.

Our purpose is embodied in our values. Everything we do is built on a bedrock of positivity, creativity and respect. Whether that’s in our dealings with our clients, or the work we do internally, we believe in always striving for more. For better.

We believe in the power of change. Business is always changing. So are we. We are always learning, always broadening our skillset. We want to tackle any and every challenge that comes our way. It’s what we do.

Our purpose is underpinned by our values. These six ideals form the foundation of our entire business. It’s what we strive for each and every day. In every phone call, every email, and every meeting. These are our values.

We believe in the power of positivity

From our community here in the office to our interactions with our clients, everything is built on positivity and respect.

We believe in being a great place to work

We spend a lot of time together. We might as well be happy doing it.

We believe in creativity

We’re curious. We’re always looking out for new solutions and new ways of working. It’s what keeps our job interesting.

We believe in partnerships

The greatest work is always rooted in strong relationships. We partner with lots of diverse organisations, building a network to bring great minds together and connect.

We believe in learning

We are continually learning and broadening our skillset, striving to help our clients go further and achieve more.

We believe in change

Business is changing rapidly. So are we. We like to keep on our toes, adapting to the demands of the changing climate.

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