A Simple Opportunity

We were started, because two rather unconventional looking accountants back in the 1980’s, called David and Maurice, saw an opportunity. To do things better.

A simple opportunity. But a radical one, in an industry that was very traditional and conservative at the time. And in the early nineties,  they decided to join forces – merging their two practices to create Fitzgerald Power. Why? The answer to that, is the same one you’ll find at the root of every business decision we’ve made since. Because together, they could add more value. And that is what we exist to do. To add more value. Always. Despite our huge success and rapid growth to market leaders in recent years, we are proud to say we remain as refreshingly unconventional today.

Finding New Ways to Add Value

Led by Stuart Fitzgerald and Noel Winters, we are a team of innovators and entrepreneurs, that thrive on creating the best accountancy service for our clients. Finding new ways to add value through technology, industry insights and innovative outside-the box service solutions, is what energises us and gets us out of bed in the morning. 

We are curious about our clients. And are committed to empowering them with a deeper level of clarity into the financial drivers of their businesses, so they can make better and more informed business decisions. So much so, that we’ve made it our business to become the experts in theirs – developing a deep sectoral knowledge in each of the key  areas we operate in.

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