An interview with Mister Copy

Mister Copy is one of the artists who painted our Catherine Street building.

Few things change a street like graffiti. Street art enables artists to claim space, display their creativity and transform space in unexpected ways. It also drives tourism as exemplified by programs such as Mural Festival in Montreal and Waterford Walls here at home.

Street art, graffiti and public paintings are made for the people, which is why we’ve commissioned an artist with the same vision as us to create something inspiring for the people of our city. From the eNVious crew, meet South African graffiti artist Mister Copy.

Hi Mister Copy! Tell us about the impact of your work on businesses, do owners notice an increase in footfall both inside and outside their building after you paint your art?

Art and business are a really powerful couple. A study from a Paris marketing firm discovered that a hand-painted mural versus sign-printed advertising is nearly 100% more effective in catching the eye of the public. I have also personally been asked to return and paint a second mural for many businesses due to its praise and value from business owners, so I highly recommend a hand-painted logo or mural to any business owner looking for something new and interesting.

What does art mean to you?

Art is my life, it’s what I love and live, it’s how I make my money and it offers me the opportunity to travel the world. I am fortunate to be a part of this powerful movement of street art and I am grateful for the way the world is moving in appreciating the movement of street art.

What do you hope the general public will get from your street art?

My street art is more than just a pretty image, it’s about a story too. First of all, I wish for people of all ages to stop and appreciate the large artwork in front of them. From the young children passing by to the older couple who are against graffiti, I wish for them all to stop and appreciate the beauty. Second is the message, I wish for my art to tell a story – it doesn’t necessarily have to translate to the message I am delivering but I want for people to question the story and make their own message from it! This is the power of art.

What pieces of work of yours are you most proud of?

I am proud of many artworks and of course not so proud of some of them. I noticed that if an artist is given the freedom to create what he/she wants, the artwork tends to give better energy and comes out better because more love is put into it. My favourite artwork to this day was a piece I did in Rotterdam based on the goddess “Aphrodite- love and seduction “

What inspired you to create this piece for Fitzgerald Power?

I love mythology and folklore and of course, Ireland has a very strong heritage in tales of folklore, I discovered the tale of “ The Children of Lir” it’s a beautiful message with a bit of darkness yet beauty. This combination stands to create a powerful epic message within the art and I hope this can be seen on the mural! A bit of magic mixed with sadness, power and movement. I was also impressed to discover that this story is the origin of the famous swan lake ballet.

Where has your street art been published in the media?

Well, I have been lucky to be in many books and street art magazines, I have been involved in the marketing for Paris Saint Germain football club as well as interviews for television and involved in film backdrops and billboard brands.

Fitzgerald Power’s – The Children of Lir

What do you consider your most successful project?

In terms of money – I was lucky to complete a huge project for the Washington DC government. In terms of enjoyment – I was lucky enough to paint my wife as a goddess on a huge building in the Netherlands.

What other Irish businesses have you created your art for?

I have never painted in Ireland before so Fitzgerald Power is the first business to have my artwork in Ireland. I would be more than happy to do more work in Ireland as I love the people and the country and lifestyle. I am just a short flight away so any businesses are more than welcome to reach out to me!

Where can people follow you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram at @mister_copy. Thank you!

Welcome to our new look Waterford office

From all of us here at Fitzgerald Power, we would like to thank Mister Copy and his team, Waterford Walls and everyone involved in revitalising our buildings over the last few weeks. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we will be forever grateful. Come check out our Catherine Street building today.

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