An interview with Omin

One of the artists who painted our Catherine Street building

Public art transforms spaces, connects people and revitalises its surroundings. Street art, graffiti and public paintings are made for the people, which is why we’ve commissioned an artist with the same vision as us to create something inspiring for the people of our city. With a 20-year history in the game, meet North Louth artist Omin.

Hi Omin! Tell us about the impact of your work on businesses, do owners notice an increase in footfall both inside and outside their building after you paint your art?

Large-scale artwork attracts a lot of attention. Of course, each piece is site specific. Due to the nature of this type of art, it can stop people in their tracks. It gives them time to think, reflect, and even question their previous perceptions of art in the public realm. I hope this piece brings your building lots of positive attention:)

What does art mean to you?

Art is very important to me. I feel the need to create daily; if I don’t there is something missing… I love having art within my surroundings, within my home, and it is an extra bonus if I encounter it in the street.

What do you hope the general public will get from your street art?

Sometimes it is the unexpected encounter that can have the most impact. For this Catherine Street building piece, it is in a ‘not so obvious location’ – up on a second story above a shop. So this can be a welcome surprise for the passer-by, somebody sitting in traffic or strolling up the road.

What pieces of work of yours are you most proud of?

I am very proud of this piece as I used a photo I took of my son Jules as a reference and worked him into the overall composition. I am trying to use my own reference material these days as I feel the work has more originality and a more personal connection.

What inspired you to create this piece for Fitzgerald Power?

On receiving the images of the location I was instantly eager. The shape of the building and its location really dictate how the artwork will sit. These factors play a big part in how the piece interacts with its surroundings. Having the elevation plans really helped with creating the layout and approach for this piece too.

Where has your street art been published in the media?

Most recently I have had my artwork published in Irish Country Magazine, Fáilte Ireland and Cork Beo – I’ve shared them all on my social media.

Welcome To Our New Look

What do you consider your most successful project?

It’s hard to say but I am pretty proud of the work I have done over the past three years in my hometown of Dundalk with SEEK Contemporary Urban Arts Festival. I was the lead creative on the project and curator. Through my connections, this gave me the opportunity to invite some of the top national and International artists to paint in Dundalk and in the process it has transformed the visual landscape of the town.

What other Irish businesses have you created your art for?

As soon as I finished the wall at Fitzgerald Power I was off to Cork to complete a commission piece for the soon-to-be-opened Iconic Offices along the quays. They have a number of premises in Dublin where I have also produced a few interior murals and hung artwork.

Where can people follow you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram at @ominous_omin. Thanks!

From all of us here at Fitzgerald Power, we would like to thank Omin and his team, Waterford Walls and everyone involved in revitalising our buildings over the last few weeks. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we will be forever grateful. Come check out our Catherine Street building today.

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