Welcome to Inside the C-suite. In this monthly series, Fitzgerald Power will speak to successful leaders in their fields to share tips, perspectives and potential blind spots for fellow leaders looking to be the best they can be. Interviews by award-winning journalist Kate Demolder, whose previous work can be seen in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Sunday Times and Lonely Planet.

An Interview With: Louise Phelan

“CEO’s need mentors too. Because no one achieves success alone.” In Fitzgerald Power’s interview…
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An Interview With: Sinéad Donovan

“If you’re hiring and you have not one LGBTQIA+ or non-Irish applying, you need…
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An Interview With: Matt Smith of Hometree

A so-called ancient Chinese proverb goes: “At the end of the day, the best…
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An Interview With: Brent Pope

“Gyms and beanbags in the office are great, but we need to do more.”…
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