Listen: My Noa Series for January

Every month, I will be working with the Noa editorial team to curate a Series of topics I feel you will enjoy. This month: Why 2023 Could Be the Year of AI.

By now, you’ll have heard that we partnered with Noa (News Over Audio) to bring you excellent journalism in a time when we need it most. 

Noa is an app that brings you news from the world’s best titles. Professionally narrated so you can listen on-the-go, Noa works with publishers like The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and The Washington Post to bring you the stories of the day, in the best, most reliable format.

Every month I will be working with the Noa editorial team to curate a series of topics that I feel you will enjoy. As I mentioned before I am an avid Noa user. Noa allows me to access global issues and different viewpoints when I’m commuting, in the gym or just out for a walk, meaning it’s helping me, my work and my clients to stay informed. That is where the idea for this partnership came from – time is valuable, and knowledge is power. 

We talk all the time in Fitzgerald Power about adding value always so we really hope you all enjoy this partnership and get real value from it.

So, without going on too much, allow me to introduce our first series… AI. Artificial Intelligence has long been hailed as the next big thing. In recent years, it has steadily gained a foothold in the corporate and scientific world, largely used for processing large amounts of information. But in late 2022, there was a major shift in how the world saw, and used, AI. We have first hand experience of the growing wave of AI powered businesses, having worked with companies like Shopbox AI on fundraising and strategy. So in this series that is FREE and UNGATED we’re going to explore whether the world is on the cusp of a historic AI boom.

Enjoy the listen!

Fitzgerald Power Partners With Noa


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  • 2. Sign up using your email. No payment details are required. This one’s on us, enjoy the listen!

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