Listen: My Noa Series for March

The latest Noa Series is about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and how it’s uniqueness ended up being the thing that killed it. Listen here to understand the events that led to the second largest bank failure in US history: How Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed in 48 Hours.

The March Series with Noa (News Over Audio) – the audio-journalism start-up we’ve partnered with to take the noise out of news, is about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and how it’s uniqueness ended up being the thing that killed it

Founded in 1982 over a game of poker, SVB plans always centred around it catering specifically to the needs of California’s tech sector.

Over four decades SVB stayed true to that mission and grew to become the 16th-largest bank in America and in 2021 and was worth $44 billion with over $200 billion in assets.

It counted nearly half of American venture capital-backed tech companies as clients. But on Friday 10th March, the bank was closed by regulators, after a botched capital raise led its depositors to rush to withdraw their money.

SVB fell victim to an old-fashioned bank run. SVB’s collapse has made it the largest US bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis and sent shock waves throughout the tech and banking sectors.  Could what happened to SVB happen to others? Listen to this Series FREE and UNGATED to understand why the Silicon Valley Bank had to close overnight?

Enjoy the listen!

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