My experience as a Fitzgerald Power intern, by Cameron Kent

Ever wonder what it might be like to work with us? Wonder no more—our TY intern-cum-summer intern Cameron Kent wrote about it here.

“The two words I would use to describe my summer internship with Fitzgerald Power are exciting and eye-opening. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience with various technical skills was invaluable, but equally important were the interpersonal skills that I developed in an environment that cultivated teamwork, learning, and personal growth.”

1. The benefit of teamwork

One aspect that stood out to me during my time was the value of both independent work and effective teamwork; in contrast to the education system where individual performance is often quantitatively measured, I found working in a business setting requires the ability to work autonomously, demonstrating motivation and organisational skills. This aspect of independent work was crucial for me personally, especially in a professional environment where one must be able to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively without constant direction. Simultaneously, I also experienced the immense value of teamwork at Fitzgerald Power. Collaborating with colleagues and working towards a common goal was an integral part of my internship. The ability to communicate and work together as a team, whether by suggesting solutions to tackle challenges or identifying and rectifying errors, greatly expedited problem-solving processes. This emphasis on teamwork allowed us to navigate obstacles more swiftly and efficiently. Through the combination of independent work and teamwork, my internship at Fitzgerald Power provided me with a well-rounded experience that emphasised both personal development and achieving collective goals.

2. Work experience

Back in 2016, I spent two weeks of my transition year experience at Fitzgerald Power, plunging myself into a real-life work environment and gaining valuable insights into the world of professional accounting from the get-go. From tasks like filing and photocopying to more advanced activities like bank reconciliation and working with Excel, I was exposed to the day-to-day practices utilised at Fitzgerald Power. This experience was a turning point for me, as it gave me a true understanding of what a professional work setting feels like. Not only did it solidify my ambition to pursue a career in accountancy but it also ignited a passion within me to explore this field at third-level further.

In my current role at Fitzgerald Power, I’ve been able to further expand my experience and interest; I’ve had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into both the pharmacy sector and corporate finance department from an accounting perspective; my responsibilities have been diverse, ranging from assisting with client data management, recording revenue transactions, and working on year-end files, to contributing to SWOT analyses and other corporate finance projects; and I’ve been ready to navigate the real world with a fresh perspective on both accounting and personal development. The guidance and mentorship provided by the team at Fitzgerald Power have been instrumental in my growth, as they have shared their expertise and provided valuable insights into the industry.

3. Big-picture thinking

As I prepare to enter my second year of Accountancy (BA) at the South East Technological University (SETU), I’m grateful for the layered understanding Fitzgerald Power has given me in terms of accountancy work. Through working here, I’ve realised that the application of accounting skills is significantly different from simply solving isolated problems and that rather than focusing solely on individual tasks, it is essential to assess how these tasks collectively contribute to the overall outcome. The big-picture thinking it has given me has been invaluable, and by embracing this mindset, I (and whatever teams I work with in the future) can achieve better outcomes by adapting to the evolving nature of the problem at hand.

4. People-led thinking

Fitzgerald Power’s principles are characterised by a strong emphasis on guidance and mentorship, fostering a culture of learning and personal growth. From day one, I experienced a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, almost like being part of a close-knit family. This inclusive culture extends not only to the internal team but also to the business relationships with clients. Having the opportunity to absorb knowledge from professionals with a wealth of experience is truly invaluable for me as I begin my career.

5. Would I recommend it?

To future college students considering an internship at Fitzgerald Power, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to grab this incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth. I found that experiencing a real business environment early on was crucial, as it prepares you for the challenges and expectations that lie beyond the confines of school and college. This experience has truly shaped my career aspirations and provided me with a solid foundation for future success. For this, I want to extend my appreciation to the entire Fitzgerald Power team for their unwavering support and for creating an environment that raises growth and learning.

To all aspiring interns reading this, I encourage you to take the leap and apply for an internship at Fitzgerald Power. Embrace the chance to gain extraordinary first-hand experience, broaden your horizons, and ignite your passion for accountancy. Your future self will thank you for the transformative experience that awaits you at Fitzgerald Power. Get in touch today to apply careers@fitzgeraldpower.ie.