We are reinventing retail accounting solutions so you can take better control of your store’s financial performance.

Being a successful independent convenience retailer in today’s world requires dynamism, innovation and decisive action. But we are encountering more and more retailers who are struggling in these areas, because their accounting solutions haven’t kept pace.

Obsolete information, systems not talking to each other and labour intensive, manual internal bookkeeping was affecting owners and managers’ abilities to make rapid, data-led, decisions. And that’s where we’ve been able to transform their businesses.

We’ve partnered with Ezora to bring a tech led solution and deep real time analytics to the sector, that enable you to make better business decisions. And we’ve developed best in class outsourced support solutions that save you and your team time. Instead, empowering you to focus on continually moving forward – driving sales and increasing profits.


Our outsourced accounting teams, supported by Ezora’s cloud-based technology, will ensure that you have constant access to the clear, accurate and actionable information and insights you need to optimise the financial performance of your business. Get complete line-by-line clarity on what’s driving your profits.


Get instant access to your KPIs from any device, at any time, with our cloud-based automated accounting solution – Ezora. Paired with our backend support services that rapidly process and analyse all aspects of your finances – from bookkeeping and payroll to management and weekly financial control reports – you’ll be empowered with a solution as dynamic and quick moving as you.


When businesses have as many moving parts and lines as yours it’s not just about having a real time stream of data, you need clear and concise analytics that allow you to dive into that data and pinpoint the key drivers of your business. And you need to understand the context you are operating in – what trends are unique to your business and which are affecting the industry as a whole?

Our regular sector research and analysis is part of our mission to reinvent retail accounting solutions. And create a better service for you. One that adds more value.

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