Unlocking the full potential of scaling companies with a strategic & agile approach.

At Fitzgerald Power we are passionate about partnering with scaling companies. Unlocking the full potential of scaling companies requires a financial approach that is both strategic and agile. Our comprehensive suite of services, including Finance as a Service and outsourced CFO services, are designed to empower your business. We provide the tools, expertise, and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of growth, from crafting tailored financial strategies to optimising day-to-day finance operations. With a dedicated team of financial professionals, we are committed to helping scaling companies achieve their goals by providing them with the financial agility and expertise they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Why Choose Us?
High-Growth Specialists: We thrive in high-growth environments. We specialise in helping companies like yours scale rapidly, harnessing the power of innovation and ambition.
Innovative Approach: We love working with brave and forward-thinking founders.
Ambitious Goals: If you dream big and aim high, we’re the team you want in your corner. Your ambition is our inspiration.


Elevate your business with our outsourced CFO support, tailored KPIs, and strategic alignment. We navigate the complex landscape of fundraising by providing robust financial models, transforming challenges into strategic advantages. Enhance governance and empower stakeholders with our comprehensive services, including bookkeeping, payroll, MI production, taxation, and statutory compliance, ensuring impeccable financial records and accountability.


 At the heart of our cutting-edge SME solution lies speed and immediate data access. We achieve this seamlessly through our cloud-based solutions, Xero, Ezora, Twinfield, Sage One, Silverfin and The Big Red Cloud.


As your high-growth company scales, real-time data isn’t enough. You require precise analytics to discover vital value drivers and contextual insights to make sense of industry trends. Our ongoing sector research is integral to our mission of redefining accounting solutions, enhancing the value we bring to your business. We are active members of Scale Ireland and IVCA.

Our Specialist Team

Stuart Fitzgerald
Chief Executive Officer
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Georgina Carpendale
Chief Financial Officer
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Market Pulse

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