We are committed to supporting our local communities, leading and engaging initiatives that contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability, well-being and the arts. Through our focus on team-member development, training, education, community engagement and economic impact we are a force for positive change in our sector and the regions we operate in.

Waterford Walls

Waterford Walls Festival impacts communities through artistic collaborations. They deliver large-scale public and private art commissions across Ireland. In 2022 Fitzgerald Power commissioned two of Waterford Walls’ lead painters to create a mural on the side of our Catherine Street offices. Taking inspiration from the Children of Lír – and namely, the female protagonist of Fionnuala – artists Omin and Mister Copy took over our building and painted something beautiful for passersby to marvel at as they walk by.

Website: www.wallsproject.ie

Street Art Ink

Street Art Ink is invested in the communities it works with and for. A central part of their ethos is giving back to the community. Street Art Ink is committed to investing its resources, talents and expertise into projects it believes will better the surrounding communities. In 2023 Fitzgerald Power partnered with Street Art Ink to participate in Floating Voices, a project that focuses on the collation of rich narratives held in communities across Ireland who are living near our waterways and to bring people’s attention back to the power and potential of our rivers and waterways.

Website: www.streetartink.ie


We partner with Hometree providing pro-bono advisory support and funding for the Hometree East project. Hometree is a social enterprise that plants and conserves permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.

Website: www.hometree.ie  

Waterford Food Bank

Waterford Area Partnership established the Waterford Food Bank project in 2017. The Waterford Foodbank Project was set up to bring about a change for the better for disadvantaged communities in Waterford by eradicating food poverty.

Website: www.waterfordfoodbank.com